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Helping Children Maintain A Beautiful Smile By Creating A Positive Dental Experience

There is nothing worse, as a parent, than not being able to help your child when they are sad, upset or in pain. So, imagine having a three year old who is telling you they have a sore mouth but due to their age, will not sit still in a dental chair to have their tooth fixed.

Dental surgeries can be daunting places for most adults but to a child, it can be an overwhelming experience especially if they have sensory issues. A person who is wearing funny glasses, a mask and gloves, that is all unusual to a child, add in a possible injection, a bright light and the sound of the drills and you have a very scary place.

Treating a scared child can cause fear and distrust of dentists which in turn creates an adult who hates the dentist and a parent that passes their fear of dentists onto their children creating a generational cycle of people who only go to the dentist when in pain.

Here’s How Just 4 Kids Can Help!

So, sometimes, the only option is to send this patient to a paediatric dental specialist, and this costs lots of money. Money that many parents can’t afford, especially if the patient must go into hospital under a general anaesthetic.

This is where the Just 4 Kids Paediatric Dental Program (J4K PDP) comes to the rescue! We contribute up to $1500 to the cost of the most urgent treatment, paid directly to the specialist. This program is partially funded by the dental industry as well as individuals. We would also encourage the parents to pay it forward for the next patient, by becoming a regular donor.

To be part of this program, please click on the donate button and sign up to be a weekly or monthly donor. Lots of people giving a small amount on a regular basis adds up to a lot of kids helped!

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A Dad Called Into A Local Dental Surgery, And This Is His Story

“My 3 year old son had an accident at childcare yesterday afternoon. He smacked his chin on a table and pushed his top tooth back up into his gum …. We took him to hospital last night, but the doctors couldn’t do anything to help. They did call a paediatric dental specialist who quoted me $4000 before they’ve even seen my son. Is there anything you can do that’s cheaper? I can’t afford that much, especially leading into Christmas.”

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